Do You Need a Locksmith if You Lose Your House Keys?

28 September 2021
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It is always good to have the number of a local locksmith stored in your phone or written down. This way, if you need one, you will be able to call one even if you are locked out of your home with no access to a business directory. If the reason you cannot get inside your home is that you cannot find your house keys, then you should at least retrace your most recent steps until the point in time when you last remember having them on you. Read More 

A Guide On How To Hire A Locksmith

1 March 2021
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A locksmith should be your first call when you lose your keys or accidentally lock them inside your home or car. Finding a locksmith that understands your needs can be quite difficult. Read this guide for some expert tips on how to find a locksmith.  Examine The Locksmith's Reputation Check the locksmith's social media pages and website to know how clients rate their services. For instance, you would want to know whether the locksmith keeps time and if they offer quality services. Read More 

Essential Considerations Before Purchasing an Access Control System

6 August 2018
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Being the facilities manager of a commercial property means it is your responsibility to ensure that the building is secure at all times. And one of the first initiatives that should be part of your repertoire is to install the best locking systems on the various entry points of the property to minimise the potential of unauthorised access. While conventional types of locking systems, such as deadbolts, may protect your property via brute strength, there is not much else that they can provide you with. Read More 

Your Guide to Buying a Refurbished Secondhand Safe

8 January 2018
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A safe is a great asset to the security of your home or business, helping to protect your valuables from theft or fire while still letting you have easy access to them. If you're looking for a quality safe at a good price, secondhand or refurbished safes are worth investigating. There are just a few points you'll need to bear in mind.  What to look for in a refurbished safe Read More 

Understanding Levers and Door Knobs Before You Make that Purchase

5 December 2016
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Even with the best hardwoods, steel or aluminium door panels, the level of convenience when operating your door depends on the door handle that you choose. It determines how easily people can access certain sections of the house. For instance, some door handles are quite difficult for children and pets to open, thus they can help you restrict access without necessarily relying on the lock mechanism. On that note, here is a close look at door levers and doorknobs to help you make the right choice when buying: Read More