Understanding Levers and Door Knobs Before You Make that Purchase

5 December 2016
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Even with the best hardwoods, steel or aluminium door panels, the level of convenience when operating your door depends on the door handle that you choose. It determines how easily people can access certain sections of the house. For instance, some door handles are quite difficult for children and pets to open, thus they can help you restrict access without necessarily relying on the lock mechanism. On that note, here is a close look at door levers and doorknobs to help you make the right choice when buying: Read More 

Locked Out? Solutions and Prevention

25 February 2016
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Have you ever experienced that sinking feeling that descends when you realise you're locked out of your home?  In a perfect world, you'd have a spare key left with a neighbour.  However, if that's not the case, you might find the following suggestions helpful. Ask for help If you have a rented property, contact your letting agency (during working hours), or your landlord.  Both will have a spare key for your home and will be able to let you back inside. Read More 

Which Lock Should You Use to Secure Your Valuables?

9 February 2016
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Locks come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from simple deadlocks to smart electronic locks to home safes. Choosing the right method of security for valuable items usually depends on what you are protecting, who you would like to grant access, and of course, your budget. Deadlocks When it comes to securing exterior doors, a deadlock in combination with a deadlatch or deadbolt is perhaps the best type of lock for the job. Read More