The Three Steps To Follow When You Lock Your Keys In Your Car

17 November 2022
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Everyone makes mistakes, and when it comes to your car, there is no more frustrating sight than seeing your keys in the ignition or on the seat while you are locked out. If you have locked your keys in the car then it is easy to want to just smash a window in and get the window fixed rather than pay to have someone come to and open your car door, but that is far more expensive and time-consuming than you might realise. Instead, here are the three steps you should follow to ensure that you get into your car as soon and as safely as possible. 

Do Not Make A Big Scene

The first thing you should know is that you should try to keep yourself together in a difficult moment like this. You never know who might be watching, and if the wrong person catches wind that you are stuck out of your car, they might take advantage of this and try to steal the car while you are not watching, knowing that you can do little about it. Take a few deep breaths, walk a couple of steps away from the car and then carry on with the following points.

Call A Specialist Car Locksmith

There are many locksmiths who specialise primarily in car lockouts, and they are located all over the country. In most major cities, you can get someone to you in an hour or less, even after traditional business hours have ended. While you might have to pay more if it is after dark, this is worth it to ensure you do not get towed or have to leave your car unattended for days on end while you try to fix it yourself. Don't delay, call a car locksmith straight away and make sure that you get the ball rolling.

Stay Nearby

Always keep your car in your eyesight while you wait. If possible, try to find a nearby cafe or restaurant and grab a coffee while you wait and watch your car. If not then simply find a comfortable spot and remain within visual distance of your vehicle at all times whenever you can. This is not just to ensure that no one who might have seen you in distress at being locked out or who heard you calling for a locksmith tries to break in, but also so that you can see the locksmith arrive when they do. 

For more information on what to do if you locked your keys in the car, contact a professional near you.