Do You Need a Locksmith if You Lose Your House Keys?

28 September 2021
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It is always good to have the number of a local locksmith stored in your phone or written down. This way, if you need one, you will be able to call one even if you are locked out of your home with no access to a business directory. If the reason you cannot get inside your home is that you cannot find your house keys, then you should at least retrace your most recent steps until the point in time when you last remember having them on you. If that is impossible or you know that you lost your keys some time ago, however, it will be better to have your locks changed anyway. By the time you might find them, they could have been copied or someone could even have used them to access your property. What should you do to make your home secure once more?

Use a Spare Set of Keys

If you keep a spare set of house keys with someone you trust, then now is a good time to call on them. Some people will keep a set with a friend, a neighbour or a family member for just such an eventuality. Under such circumstances, you will be able to access your property but it won't be secure until you can either locate your missing keys or replace your locks. You'll need a locksmith to change them for you unless your keys turn up in the next 24 hours or so. However, you can temporarily secure your home from the inside by either deadlocking your doors or using a door chain to prevent access from someone outside who has your missing keys.

Drill Your Locks Out

In cases where you don't have your keys and you also have no access to a spare set, then it will be necessary to gain access by another means. You might be tempted to smash a window to get inside, but this will leave your home insecure. In addition, you'll have to go to the expense of having a glazier replace the broken pane. It is frequently quicker, simpler and more cost-effective to call an emergency locksmith out who can drill your locks out for you. This means you'll be able to get inside but the locks will need to be replaced.

Invest in a Fob Finder

Now you have got into your home and made it secure once more, it is important to never lose your keys again. Ask your locksmith about digital fob finders. These devices can be attached to a bunch of house keys and will work in various ways to make it easier for you to locate your keys. Some have a range of a couple of hundred metres and will notify your smartphone of their location.

Contact a local locksmith to learn more.