Home Safety | 3 Actionable Steps To Undertake When a Burglar Enters Your Home

6 November 2015
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A burglar breaking into your home is perhaps one of the most frightening prospects, but the most important thing is to stay as calm as possible, even if your heart is pounding loudly against your chest. Stay as quiet as you possibly can to assess the level of danger you may be in. Be sure to focus on protecting yourself and your family, and forget about your belongings. Burglars are usually more interested in robberies, not other crimes. While you may want to hire locksmiths to install more robust locking systems in your home later, here are some immediate and actionable steps to get you out of this situation safely.

Get Out of Your House if Possible

When you first hear a burglar enter your home, you should try to find the safest escape route to get out of your house. Try to hide or escape instead of attempting to tackle the burglar head on. Escape to an open area before you are able to call for help. You can also try to get to a neighbour's house to get them to alert the police as soon as possible. Be sure to provide as much information as you possibly can to help the police. For example, if your locksmiths have installed any special security alarms, cameras or locks in the home, let the cops know, so they can track every movement, especially if the burglars are still in the home. Getting out of the home is far safer than getting into an unprovoked altercation with the burglar.

Hide in a Safe Room

If you cannot get outside, try to stay as quiet as possible and huddle everyone into one room. Lock the door and place heavy furniture against it to prevent the burglars from entering the room easily. Getting your locksmiths to install a suitable lock on every door in your home will come in handy in these types of emergencies. Don't argue with anyone in your family because this will cause you to lose focus on your safety. If you're lucky enough to have your cell phone at hand, call the cops as soon as you and your family are hauled up in a safe room.

Handle Any Encounters Calmly

If you encounter the burglar, try to stay calm and cooperative. Avoid eye contact, as the burglar will assume you're trying to identify him and may end up becoming violent. Give them everything they ask for because your life is far more valuable than material possessions. Avoid any sudden jerky movements and don't turn on any lights. These actions may trigger panic in the burglars, causing them to attack you.

Be sure to call the cops as soon as you're in a safe position and follow these actionable steps when confronted with a burglar situation. If your home is not properly fortified, call professional locksmiths to secure the place thoroughly.