4 Tips When Installing a Home Safe

4 November 2015
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All homeowners have things that they wish to store out of reach. These items may have increased worth or simply need to be held in a secure place for safety purposes. You can choose many items to store in a home safe for whatever reason. Before you install your home safe, it is important that you understand a few tips that are designed to make the process easier and allow you to secure your prised possessions without any major hassles.


When it comes to installing a home safe most effectively, you need to choose just the right location. This means that you need to begin by searching your home for an inconspicuous location that would be ideal for the installation of a home safe. This normally includes closet areas within your home. This is because closet areas are normally hidden and obscured from view. When you are choosing between different areas of your home for home safe installation besides and inconspicuous location, you also need safety. This means that you need to choose an area where the floor joists are designed to support the weight of the safe.

Floor or Wall

When you are looking to make installation of a home safe simplified, it is best to choose a safe that is floor or wall mounted. These type of home safes simply attach to the floor or wall. Under floor safes are designed to allow for an added layer of protection, but they also require an installation process that is extensive. You can secure a floor or wall mounted safe using a few bolts and do not have to worry about removing floor joists. Under floor safes are often more hassle than they are worth.


It is important that you are aware of the type of home safe that you are purchasing before you have it installed. Some types offer more protection and resistance than others, This means that you need to know if you are getting access to fire and water resistance. Not only do you want your personal items to be safe from theft, but you also want them to be protected in the event of disaster. There are a variety of safe options that are designed to be both fire and water resistant. This is something that you should look for in a safe that will be holding your most valuable, as well as prised possessions.