Tips for Choosing Shipping Boxes for Your Facility

26 October 2015
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The boxes you use for shipping your product are just as important as the product itself; after all, if your product doesn't arrive safely and in good working order to your customers or distributors, you will wind up facing the cost of replacement of those products and shipping them all over again. Shipping boxes are not all the same and there are some good reasons to carefully consider the boxes and containers you choose. Note a few simple but very important tips.

1. Look for coating

If you notice that some shipping boxes feel slick and smooth on the outside, this is because they're coated with a type of thin plastic or wax. This makes the cardboard more watertight and even stronger. If you will be shipping your products overseas and they might be exposed to salt spray or to a tropical area with high humidity, you want to invest in this type of plastic coating for your shipping boxes.

This coating can also make boxes more grease resistant, so if you're shipping to a warehouse or production facility, auto repair shop, or any other such area, you want a box with plastic coatings. Note the depth of these coatings; a wax saturated box will have the wax applied a few layers deep so it offers more protection, whereas a simple outside coating offers minimal protection.

2. Size

It's often encouraged to look for boxes that just fit your product so that you can keep them snug and secure and pay less for the weight and dimensions of the box. However, be sure you don't choose boxes that are so small that you cannot properly wrap your product or that it may actually get damaged by the box itself. You don't want the wall of the box to damage your product. If you need to virtually force your product into the box, it's time to go up a size.

3. Box as brand

If you ship to your customers directly, why not use your box as a brand? Opt for something in a color that matches your logo or that is especially printed for your company. This can allow for advertising everywhere your box goes and make your customer feel as if they're receiving something special and not just another generic shipment of something they've ordered online. Your box can also include a special message for customers, such as inviting them to visit your website or asking them to remember to recycle the box.

Keep these tips in mind when looking to buy boxes from suppliers, such as Store-It-Safe.