4 Impenetrable Strategies to Protect Windows From Burglaries

23 October 2015
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Safety is the key to any good home, so you'll want to make sure that your doors and windows are properly secure to protect your family from harm. According to experts, nearly two-thirds of burglaries take place due to open windows and doors. While most people tend to properly secure their doors, they most often overlook their windows. This guide is designed to help you work with locksmiths to implement some impenetrable strategies for protecting your windows from potential burglaries.

Reinforce Your Hinge Openings 

Using strong locks on your windows is a key protection factor. Most people tend to focus on the closing side of their windows, but forget that the hinges can be opened during forced entry. Side hinge locking units are unassuming security devices that lock immediately once the window is shut. They can usually be fitted to all types of wooden and metal windows, making them a versatile locking solution for your windows. Unobstructive hinge locks provide an added layer of protection for windows, so be sure to get your locksmithts to install them in your home.

Secure A Window Tilt With A Robust Locking System

You probably keep the windows tilted open while gardening or taking a nap, but quick burglaries through tilted open windows pose a high risk for your home. A smart idea is to install window tilt locks. Window tilt locks prevent the window from opening beyond a certain angle, preventing the possibility of burglars physically entering your home through windows. Fitting this type of lock will minimise your home security risk to give you peace of mind when your windows are tilted open.

Build a Security Alarm Around Your Windows

Your home probably has an alarm system already, but perhaps it only focuses on your doorways. The fact remains that burglars will enter through any means possible, and windows are now becoming easier to access than alarmed doorways. A smart deterrent approach is to connect your home's existing alarm security system to your windows. Working in the same manner as the door, a forced-open window will sound off the alarm, causing an alert in your home. Most qualified locksmiths will have the expertise to connect your windows to your existing home alarm system.

Change Locks That Are Pre-Installed

Most ready-made windows have locks already installed on them, but these are not safe if burglars have mastered the art of breaking through them. Make sure that all existing pre-installed locks are replaced with new window locks that aren't visible outside. If a burglar knows the type of window locking system you have, chances are he'll find a way to break through it, so try to be subtle when placing window locks.

Windows are high-priority protectors of your home's security –– get your locksmiths to protect your windows smartly.