How to Open a Locked Car Door Using a Windshield Wiper

16 October 2015
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Did you know that you could use the windshield wiper on your car to get the car open when you accidentally lock the keys inside? Read on and discover how this can be done. Use this information to reduce how much you spend on emergency locksmith services.

Inspect You Car

The worst thing that you can do once you lock yourself out of your car is to panic. Panic blocks your logical side from functioning so you may end up doing something that worsens the problem, such as pulling on the door handle as a desperate attempt to force it open. The handle may break off and increase the costs that you have to meet in order to regain entry into your car. Stay calm and avoid worsening the problem. Walk around the car and carefully look at it for a few details. First, try to find out where exactly the keys are inside your car. For instance, they may be on the driver's seat. Secondly, find out if the window on the driver's side is slightly open or not. If the car window is fully locked, call an emergency locksmith since only a professional can remedy such a situation. If it is slightly open, proceed with the next steps.

Remove the Wiper

Different car models and makes have different windshield wiper-attachment mechanisms. Examine your car and find out the easiest way to remove the wiper. For instance, you may need to raise it as if you want to clean beneath it, and then lift it out of its attachment mechanism. Be careful as you do this; otherwise, you may damage the windshield.

Open the Car Door

Insert the wiper through the slight opening in the window and use its end to push the car-lock button on the side of the driver's door. The door will be unlocked by that action. Alternatively, you can move the wiper into a position that makes it possible for you to make the wiper grab the keys where you saw them (such as on the driver's seat). Once the keys are within the wiper's tip, pull the wiper towards you slowly. Grab the keys before they hit the locked portion of the window.

Restore the Wiper

Once you have secured your keys and opened the door, return the wiper to its place at the front of the car. Start the car and use the wipers to confirm that the wiper you removed is working properly.

Practice this method when you have spare keys nearby. That practice will prepare you to handle an emergency of that nature when it occurs. You should also have the number of an emergency locksmith, such as HUNTER LOCKSMITH SERVICES, so that you call for help when you can't access your locked car on your own.