Common Questions People Ask Car Locksmiths

13 October 2015
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Locksmiths specialise in helping people get back into their flats and houses when they lose their keys, snap their keys in a door lock or forget their keys at home. But auto locksmiths specialize in a number of services related to car keys, ignitions and security systems. If you are dealing with a car locksmith for the first time, here are the answers to some commonly asked questions.

What Are Car Key Codes? -- Auto key codes are a special number that the manufacturer of your vehicle created for your keys when your car was first made. A car locksmith needs this key code to duplicate a lost, broken or stolen vehicle key. Some key codes are included in your car manual, but in most instances, you will need to contact the dealer where you bought your car, or the manufacturer directly, to obtain this key code. Car dealers can duplicate your keys, but it will typically cost you a lot more for a dealer to do this work than for a car locksmith, who is an independent contractor and isn't bound by specific car dealer work rates.

Can An Auto Locksmith Fix The Ignition? -- Fixing ignition problems is a service that nearly all car locksmiths provide. Common ignition issues that these locksmiths handle include damaged wafers, which are the grooves inside the ignition that matches the cuts on your keys, a defective ignition, which usually requires replacement of the ignition assembly, or a malfunction with the ignition switch operation. Most auto locksmiths will tell you to avoid removing a key that is stuck in the ignition, as you can cause more damage that will require installing a new ignition. Auto locksmiths can also provide repair services if your car key snaps inside the ignition, by removing the broken piece from the ignition and creating a new set of keys using the car key codes.

The Alarm Goes Off Without A Reason. Can A Car Locksmith Fix That? -- Yes, car locksmiths are trained to fix many common car alarm issues, and they can also install car security systems as well. A car alarm that goes off intermittently for no reason is typically due to a programming malfunction, which will require a car locksmith to shut down the system and reprogram it. Other common alarm issues include starter kill switches that fail due to an electrical short, motion sensors that stop communicating with the internal security computer and keyless remote entries that lose the signal to a vehicle.