How to Prevent Your Car's Keyless Entry System from Being Compromised

23 November 2015
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Keyless entry systems offer car owners a very convenient way to access their cars without pushing a key into the door locks. However, criminals have also upgraded their methods to compromise these locking systems. This article discusses some steps that you can take to prevent your car's keyless locking system from being compromised.

Install a Proximity Chip

Some keyless entry systems do not require the car owner to press a button in order to lock or open a car. Such keyless systems rely on a low-frequency signal that is emitted by the car. That signal travels a very short distance. Once the key is brought within that limited range, the car detects the key and opens. The car locks itself once the key goes out of the range of the signal. Criminals can use a device to make the keyless signal to travel over a longer distance. This makes the car to detect the key from farther away. For instance, the criminal may activate that device so that the car detects the key when you are inside a building and your car is parked outside. This allows the thieves to get into your car and steal any valuables that you have left inside. You can prevent this kind of unauthorised access installing a proximity chip in your car. This chip restricts the distance within which the keyless system can be activated. The chip can be procured from the carmaker or from suppliers of electronic car locks.

Upgrade the Encryption Level of Your Car

Some criminals enter cars by using devices that transmit hundreds of possible unlock codes within a very short time. One of those combinations may be active in your car. Once that combination is detected, the car will unlock itself. This method of hacking is sometimes referred to as brute force hacking. You can decrease the likelihood that your car will be compromised using brute force by upgrading the encryption level of its keyless entry system. Many keyless systems come with a low level of encryption. This increases the chance that a brute force hacking attempt will succeed. Upgrade the encryption level to the highest level that you can get from keyless entry experts. This will multiply the number of possible unlock combinations to such an extent that it will take a very long time for a brute force attempt to succeed. Many hackers may give up after a few attempts.

Electronic car locks are generally safer than manual locks. You can increase the safety level of your electronic locks by consulting a car locksmith. He or she will equip your keyless locking system with the latest anti-hacking software available on the market.