Utilizing your mobile locksmith's services efficiently when moving to a new home

16 October 2015
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Most mobile locksmiths are trained to work with locks of different types, including safes, doors, cars, and many more. What a mobile locksmith's job lacks in heavy lifting, it makes up for in sharpness. Picking a lock not only requires the appropriate training but also requires you to have a license in most states. Therefore, if you are settling into a new home and have just been handed the keys, the first person you want to call should be a mobile locksmith.

Mobile locksmiths have different fields of specialization, so you need to a hire one that is qualified. In most cases, you will find reputable locksmith companies in directories. They should have uniform and come in a clearly marked car.

Reinstall the locks on your new house

You can ask your mobile locksmith to replace all locks in the house. If you know that the home had a previous occupant, it is vital that you have all the locks reinstalled. It is possible that there is a master key already with your previous owner or someone else. Probably, the former owner might have given key copies to friends, family, or neighbors.

One obvious sign that your locks need replacing is when you find it hard to open doors in your house. Keys' teeth wear out and become less efficient. Your locksmith should also advise you on whether the keys you have are worn out. If they are worn out, a proper locksmith should rekey them for you.

Insist on a deadbolt

Ask your locksmith to help you install professional-grade deadbolts on your front door if it has none. That is one of the major security upgrades to any home. A good locksmith will recommend the best brands for you. Many contractors do not have the expertise to install deadbolts.

Securing your doors with deadbolts is not enough to keep away thugs. A window near the door can be broken, and the deadbolt opened. You need to insist that the mobile locksmith install a double cylinder lock on your door for good measure.

Security advice

If you have sensitive information or a safe in your new home, your locksmith should point out security weaknesses in your home. Intruders know the weak points of a home and exploit them at any chance. Have your mobile locksmith walk around your home and assess the entire home. If the locksmith is under a good company, these are skills that he or she would have. The locksmith should give you some recommendations to secure your home better.